global forests

We believe that generated forests in every flight simulator directly affect the flight experience and immersion.

So we decided to focus on them and recreate them.


The whole earth has been scanned and analyzed to produce an accurate natural forest tree representation (not manually planted trees).

The trees are then installed into XPlane11, re-creating the world's forests in terms of variation, tree density, tree type, and tree height.


Global Forests will replace all the default, and any other add-on tree product previously installed. It is a completely independent add-on, with its own set of optimized textures and tree classifications based on real-world data.


  • Accurate representation of the Global forest footprint in X-Plane 11, according to global data

  • More than 7,000 .for files, with a unique combination of tree type, variation, density, and height, based on real-world data

  • Tree type and classifications according to global data

  • Tree height information has been analyzed from global maps and infused into Global Forests

  • Complete set of textures to match all classes of global trees

  • Seamless integration with Ortho4XP, or any other package that includes satellite images

  • Seamless integration with default XPlane11 terrain

  • Global Forests is compatible with Four Seasons and SAM Seasons plugins. Custom seasonal textures for all forest variations are included.

Currently, there are three products ready to purchase:


3.8 GB

$ 11 


10 GB

$ 15


17 GB

$ 17.5


and try it!

(Alaska is already included in N.America's package when purchased)

 Alaska's region is free to download


1.4 GB